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Maria can help with all sectors of EVENT DESIGN

  • Flowers
  • Marquees
  • Hire of Equipment
  • Entertainment
  • Spit roasts




Angel Like FLowers

Spriggs Florist



Wigwam Marquees



A First Class Flush

  • Dinner was quite superb. You must have had great fun choosing it. Maria really excelled herself – we don’t think we have ever had better food anywhere.
  • The canapés were delicious (especially the crispy duck pancakes). My lamb at dinner was absolutely perfect.
  • The food simply amazing.
  • I must confess that the canapés and wedding breakfast are usually the more forgettable parts of a wedding, but not only were the canapés outstanding (the quails eggs and celery salt were a particular favourite), the dinner was absolutely delicious – the lamb was seriously good.
  • Delicious canapés and the meal was really superb and beautifully presented.
  • Maria worked her customary magic.
  • Everything was fantastic – the oriental flowers on the canapés, and the food – meat perfectly cooked.
  • The dinner was particularly outstanding.
  • I have never had quite such a delicious dinner at a wedding reception. It was superb.
  • The wedding breakfast was delicious as were the very splendid and plentiful canapés. Were they the same caterers as Sarah’s wedding – they are extremely good – best canapés I have had at any wedding.
  • It was, and this is no lie, the best marquee dinner I have ever eaten. A superb choice of menu and Maria excelled.
  • The food was absolutely delicious – one of the best meals I’ve eaten recently. If I’d had that in a restaurant I’d be back there next week. How on earth did they manage to produce such well cooked and well presented dishes from a field kitchen behind the marquee.
  • The meal was delicious – how DO you get lamb to look and taste like that for 120 people?
  • Both of us thought the food was superb. How they do that in a marquee was hard to imagine but the presentation of everything was lovely.
  • I must mention the caterers and the quality of their offerings. The canapés were first class, beautifully presented and extremely tasty and the subsequent dinner was wonderful. It is not often that one goes to a mass-catered event and you can really say the food was excellent.
  • Canapés galore!
  • Such a scrummy lunch.
  • Delicious lunch – we love Thai and the banoffi meringue was amazing.
  • Delicious – especially those puddings.
  • Maria Shiner at her best.
  • Not to mention the delicious banquet ….
  • – and many more “delicious” and “superb” and “wonderful” mentions!